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Explaining the search order

The Searching phase

Get the latest news of the housing market of all (NVM1) realtors delivered in ‘real-time’. The offer will be viewed alongside your wishes and immediately send to you via e-mail. When a house meets your needs, we arrange a viewing appointment and if possible a preferred position. Because of our large network in Haarlem and its surroundings and our cooperation with all realtors, we often know sooner when houses are available in the market. So we can find our searchers a good position. Be the first to know the latest offers!

1: NVM=Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars – Dutch Association of Realtors.

One of our expert realtors guides you through the viewings and consults you about the neighborhood, technical condition and value of the house. With this intensive personal consultation, we will get to know your wishes better to improve our search and react quicker to the houses on sale.


Negotiation and Purchase phase

If after the viewing you are interested in a specific house, we will closely discuss the housing value and the bidding process. Negotiating and bidding in this market is a rare skill! The years of experience of our realtors make them extremely qualified to get the best price and conditions and increase the chance of success. Our numbers show this as well!

If the negotiations are successful, the realtor will check if the agreements are rightfully set in the purchase agreement (contract). The purchase agreement is a legal piece where the agreements between seller and buyer are set down in writing. Not only agreements around price and completion are set down, but much more. Think of the deposit, arrangement if someone does not keep his agreement and environmental and foundation issues. The agreement will undergo thorough review and will be signed after. After signing the purchase agreement, we monitor the several terms: from cancellation clauses and deposits to keeping in touch with your mortgage advisor.

The Transfer phase

Upon completion or the key transfer we ensure a final inspection of the house to check if the house is delivered as per the set forth agreement. The realtor checks the notarial documents and the final invoice. We assist you in the notarial transfer and we assist with potential problems during the transfer.

Finally, we wish you a happy stay and hope you will enjoy your new house.


Regarding the fees between the client and realtor, the following applies.

With a purchase price of up to and including € 250,000.-. The standard fee:

€ 3,800.00 including tax

With a purchase price of € 250,000.- up to and including € 400,000.- . The standard fee:

€ 3,950.- including tax

With a purchase price of € 400,000.- up to and including € 600,000.-. The standard fee:

€ 4,150.- including tax

With a purchase price of € 600,000.- up to and including € 850,000.-. The standard fee:

€ 4,350.- including tax

With a purchase price of € 850,000.- up to and including € 1.000,000.-. The standard fee:

€ 4,950.- including tax

With a purchase price of € 1.000,000.- and higher. The standard fee:

€ 5,750.- including tax

The fees include one structural inspection. We don’t charge registration fees.

Overspaern Makelaardij (Real Estate) works on a ‘No cure- No pay’ basis. The invoice of Overspaern should be done through the final invoice at the notary.

All buyers who used Overspaern Makelaardij as their real estate agency have the option to use our: Buyer’s Discount. Through our cooperation with several notary offices and appraisers, we have arranged a considerable discount for our buyers on notary costs and appraiser costs. This discount can save you up to a few hundred Euro’s.



Our fees are set in the final invoice of the notary with the legal transfer. For this order we apply conditions as set forth by the General Consumer Conditions of the NVM, established by the ‘Dutch Association of Realtors’ regarding real estate ‘NVM’, Consumenten Bond (Consumer Association) en Vereniging Eigen Huis (Representing house owners). In this, the rights and obligations of the client and realtor are set forth. The client declares that the text of the General Consumer Conditions NVM is shown to him before or during the transfer.

It is not allowed for the client to make agreements, negotiate, using similar services of others and/or engage in activities, which would interfere with the realtor conducting his/her service in mediating the transfer. In case the client, within 6 months after termination of this order, still agrees on a purchase agreement, the realtor retains its right to receive the (agreed upon) brokerage fee.

Overview services

If you decide to place a search order with us, we will provide the following services:

  • Discussing your housing wishes
  • Showing extended housing offers (sooner the Funda)
  • Arranging and guiding viewings
  • Flexible viewing opportunities (evenings and weekends)
  • Value indication of the viewed house
  • Researching special and neighbourhood factors
  • Checking development plan
  • Explaining and helping with the bidding process
  • Advising about the proposed bid
  • Submitting bids including the incorporation of conditions
  • Checking the concept of the purchasing agreement
  • Discussing the purchase agreement
  • One structural inspection with purchase of the house
  • Maintaining the reservation (for example: financing)
  • Checking the final invoice and concept deed of transfer
  • Inspection of the legal transfer
  • Guidance with the notarial transfer
  • Follow-up

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